Stop using the wrong drawings on-site! DCT and ReviCheck Case Study

Stop using the wrong drawings on-site! Discover how we utilised ReviCheck to cut out reworks, improve collaboration, and reduce project costs!🚧👇

ReviCheck simplifies on-site drawing access for installation teams by enabling quick QR code scans to view the latest drawings, ensuring seamless collaboration and accuracy in construction projects. On one of our recent education projects, we used ReviCheck to improve the accuracy in on-site drawings for the installation teams. Prior to using ReviCheck, 29% of drawings on-site were out of date, compared to 14% after it being implemented!

Want to find out more? Check out the case study below! Or see more here:

ReviCheck Mark Silcock Owen McSweeney Joseph Mady Centar za digitalnu izgradnju Hrvatska Construction Industry Federation (CIF)Technological University Dublin Build Digital

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