A team of industry experts.

Joseph is accountable for the business’s strategic direction in Ireland, South
America, and Europe. Along with his
industry involvement, Joseph is a part-
time lecturer at Technological University Dublin (TUD), where he teaches courses on continuous professional development on Digital delivery for site teams and construction site management course.
Joseph Mady


Gerardo's principal role is managing the operational effectiveness of our Argentina office, ensuring the appropriate resources and capabilities are in place to deliver projects and support the strategic growth path of the organisation.
Gerardo Olsson

Operations Director

Monika is Operations Manager at our Zagreb office. Aside from managing the growth of the Croatian office, she is responsible for information management, BIM coordination, and problem-solving
on various residential and data centre construction projects.
Monika Mlakic

Operations Manager

Marko is accountable for the leadership
and expansion of our Croatian office as
the country integrates into the European market. Marko brings a wealth of industry experience from his work in the residential, commercial, pharmaceutical, and data
center industries.
Marko Gasic

Managing Director

Keith is accountable for the management
of all the BIM modelling production and overall management of BIM resourcing across the company.
Keith Walsh

BIM Lead

Divya is Operation Manager at our Dublin office. Apart from managing the business operations of the Dublin office, her expertise of BIM Coordination & Information management focuses on achieving quality & innovative
solutions for delivery of projects like
the Data centre and Dublin Airport.
Divya Chhadwa

Operations Manager

Fernando ensures the company is implementing the DCT strategy and objectives in Argentina. Fernando has
vast experience in the construction
sector, with more than 5 years in the
industry. He is originally from Misiones Argentina, where he studied electro-mechanical engineering and several
courses on CAD/BIM.
Fernando Perrone

Managing Director

Ana leads the Digital Construction Management department within
DCT and oversees the delivery of Digital Construction Management projects.
She interfaces with clients, manages
their expectations and adapts project processes.
Ana Tiric

Digital Construction Management Lead

Vitor is Office Manager at our Dublin
office. Vitor has a BA in Business Administration from Universidade Veiga
de Almeida, Brazil, which provided
expertise in communication, problem
solving, and teamwork skills. Vitor has Worked in construction industry for over
ten years, in Ireland and Brazil, passing
from credit control, accounts, customer service and sales.
Vitor Costa

Office Manager

Ana is Office Administrator at our Zagreb office, responsible for all administrative processes running smoothly. Ana has a wealth of experience from working in various architectural and construction offices as an administrator.
Ana Marendic

Office Administrator

Dan oversees all marketing and digital marketing carried out by DCT including
content creation, website design,
SEO, and email marketing. He
collaborates closely with all three of our offices to ensure DCT is appropriately carrying out marketing procedures.
Dan Cullinan

Marketing Executive

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