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Diversity includes. Inclusion empowers. And when we bring everybody in, we can do our best work together. That’s why we continue to strengthen our long-standing commitment to efforts such as inclusive hiring and development and equitable pay for all.

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Marko Gasic
Managing Director Croatia

“I like working at DCT because I enjoy the challenge of finding specific solutions within BIM for each project developed by the company, which means learning more about new technologies day by day."

Gerardo Olsson
Operations Director

"Since I've started working at DCT, I've been focused on creating a pleasant but challenging work environment for our team. Fluid communication within the team allows us to ensure a high standard in our provided services, and accomplish the proposed objectives. I enjoy helping the company maintain operational excellence, which comes from the passion and enthusiasm for our work!"

Keith Walsh
BIM Lead

"What excites me most about working at
DCT is the different types of projects
I’ve been involved with since I joined the
company. I really enjoy working and learning
from my colleagues. The culture at DCT
really brilliant and is what makes coming to
work that bit easier."

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