Meet The Team – Owen McSweeney


Owen McSweeney

Job Title:

BIM Coordinator


I have obtained a MSc in Applied Building Information Modelling and Management from Dublin Institute of Technology, BSc Electrical Services Design and Energy Management from Dublin Institute of Technology and a B.Eng Energy and Environmental Engineering from the Institute of Technology Tallaght.

Previous Experience:

My previous roles include working as a BIM Manager and Design Engineer on projects in the data centre, educational, industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

What do you like about the Construction Industry?

What i enjoy most about the Construction industry its the ever-evolving nature of Construction. There is always new technologies and methodologies being implemented on both on the administration side and the installation side. Whether it is BIM, pre-fabrication, or the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT), there is always something to learn in this industry.

Most exciting thing about working in DCT?:

What excites me most about working with DCT Group is the depth and breadth of knowledge that surrounds me. My colleagues are experienced and come from varying industries, meaning we have a vast pool of experience to draw from on any project we are working on.