Meet the Team – Leandro Garcia


Leandro Garcia

Job Title:

Junior BIM Technician 


I have a degree in Architecture from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a Master’s BIM from Spain, which provided expertise in documentation, project coordination and a good knowledge of BIM software.

Previous Experience:

I worked in the design and construction industry for over 7 years. I worked as a teacher at Universidad de Buenos Aires, as a Junior Architect in an architectural firm and as a BIM Architect at a main contractor in Argentina. In recent years my passion for BIM led me to do a master’s degree in Spain where I improved my BIM knowledge which enabled me to be now carrying out large-scale processes at DCT.

What do you like about the construction industry?

I think the most interesting thing about the construction industry is that it’s constantly evolving and always being able to apply new tools and technology to improve times and processes. Each project is a new challenge and there’s always something to learn.

What’s the most exciting thing about working at DCT?

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to work in a company with a team that works with high BIM standards. Thank you for pushing me professionally and making it a pleasure to be at work each day.