Meet The Team – Dan Cullinan



Dan Cullinan

Job Title:

Marketing Executive


I have obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing from Technological University of Dublin Blanchardstown.

Previous Experience:

I have carried out a number of roles throughout my experience in college. These roles include working as a Marketing Assistant, Social Media Strategist, Sales Assistant, and Marketing Intern, which were all carried out while studying.

What do you like about the Construction Industry?

What I like most about the construction industry is that it’s always changing. This is especially apparent working with DCT as they are always incorporating the latest technologies.

Most exciting thing about working in DCT?:

One of the most exciting things about working at DCT is the opportunity to develop your career and skills. The company is constantly seeking and providing ways to improve your skillset. Another thing is the collaborative environment in which we work in, everyone works as a team and it makes it a lot easier to get stuff done.