Industry News – The Build Digital Project Have Been Awarded Build Digital Grant

Build Digital Grant Awarded to the Build Digital Project

DCT, global leaders in virtual design and construction, were delighted to hear the announcement of the Build Digital Grant being awarded to the Build Digital Project, which is led by Technological University of Dublin and CitA. The funding was awarded to the Build Digital Project by Minster for Public Expenditure and Reform, Michael McGrath TD, for their proposal which outlines a strategic plan to increase digital technology adoption within the construction sector in Ireland.

The Build Digital Grant launched by Minster McGrath aims to increase innovation within Ireland’s construction sector and to reach the ambitious goals included in the government’s Project Ireland 2040 plan. This plan requires the sector to incorporate digital and sustainable practices throughout in order to reach the goals set out by the government.

The CIF commented on the introduced Build Digital Grant, “The CIF has welcomed the launch of the ‘Digital Build’ Project, focused on ensuring world class digital practices are adopted throughout the industry and supply chain, and the awarding of the Build Digital Project grant call from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform to TU Dublin/CitA. This marks another major step by the construction industry towards its vision of ‘sustainably building sustainable buildings’ over the next decade. This collaborative project between industry, Government and TU Dublin will now work tirelessly to diffuse digitalisation across the sector’s thousands of enterprises in the first instance”.

DCT, the first digital construction technology consultants with membership to the CIF, are delighted to play a part in the construction-wide adoption of digital technologies and processes. Shane Dempsey, Communications Director of the CIF, commented on DCT’s membership; “As part of our commitment to deliver on the seven priority action points laid out by the Building Innovation Report, as well as Ireland’s climate actions, companies like DCT who utilise digital technologies play a pivotal role in digitalising the construction sector. The information gathered through BIM will mean that every construction project will contribute valuable digital data to smart communities, smart cities, and smart economy, which in turn will position Ireland at the forefront of digital transformation across Europe and globally”.