Industry News – CDBB International Launch BIM Toolkit

CDBB International Launch BIM Toolkit

CDBB International have recently launched a BIM toolkit, which was created after a collaboration with government officials and industry stakeholders across Latin America and Asia, to support the adoption and implementation of BIM globally. The toolkit, which is freely available, was created to highlight the knowledge gap at an international level and provides a collection of tools for incorporating BIM into to public procurement practices and project delivery. It is aligned with the ISO 19650 series of standards and contains key components which facilitate the implementation of best-practise information management processes, for organisations at all levels of BIM adoption.

Technical Advisor to CDBB International, Mike Turpin, commented on the new toolkit: “Many countries and organisations across the world are still developing and refining their BIM strategies. Whilst there are many reasons and benefits to adopting BIM, which can vary by geography, organisational preferences or project requirements, the most common drivers for BIM are efficiency and standardisation. The international BIM Toolkit helps to support both drivers by providing a consistent, common foundation to some of these key BIM documents”.

CDBB and UK BIM Alliance have also released an update to the online guidance supporting BS EN ISO 19650 series which can be found here.


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