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Joseph Mady from DCT Group on creating the BIM Cube.

Joseph Mady, a long-term enthusiast of BIM, tells Paul Milligan how he created a simple, cost effective easy-to-use immersive system that puts the technology right where it needs to be.

Mady’s latest project is the BIM Cube, which began when a client, Collen Construction, approached DCT with a concept to create an on-demand centre for staff out on a building site. “We did a needs analysis and looked at VR to see if it met the client’s needs but decided against it. When we looked at what the client wanted, the goal was to do video calls so the staff could walk into the cube and make calls in the middle of a construction site. They needed to talk to someone to get something resolved from somebody who might be in a different country. We looked at the model and the drawings, getting access to information quickly was the key driver and that’s what we built together with Collen, and that became the BIM Cube.”

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