How DCT United are promoting mental and physical health

A football team formed by a group of like-minded friends in 2020, is more than just a football club for the many young men who have become members of the club based in Tallaght, Dublin. DCT United was formed with the aim of creating a positive environment that promotes both mental and physical wellbeing. As it is Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to highlight the impact of DCT United in promoting mental and physical health in the Tallaght community. 

In a time where many people are feeling isolated and disconnected following the COVID-19 pandemic, DCT United has become a welcome outlet. It was established in recognition of the important role that sport can play in promoting mental health and wellbeing and aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for men from all walks of life to come together and play football, breaking down social barriers and creating a sense of community.

DCT United before their game against Castle Celtic last season.

Beyond the physical benefits of regular exercise, there is growing recognition of the positive impact that sports can have on mental health. For many, joining a sports team provides a sense of purpose, belonging, and community, all of which can be powerful tools for combating feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

DCT United’s founding member, Joe Lumumba, is clear on the positive impact that DCT United is having, adding: “We are very proud of the community we have created with the formation of DCT United, at a time when it is needed more than ever. We have created a positive environment for men to meet once a week and stay connected through their love of sport. We are extremely grateful for all of the volunteers and sponsors who have given up their spare time to support and coach our players every week”. 

The launch of DCT United that took place at Tallaght Stadium in 2020.

DCT, global BIM consultants, is one such supporter who has invested in the club’s ethos. Joseph Mady, CEO of DCT, comments on the sponsorship. “Sponsoring DCT United was an easy decision, the values that Joe Lumumba has etched into the club is something we are passionate about at DCT. We are proud to be backing an initiative that is changing communities and the lives of the young men involved, and we encourage anyone who is struggling to reach out to us and get involved with the team, no matter what level of skill you have, this team is open to anyone to come and be part of a growing community”.

The club is also championed by Ian Farrell, Sports Officer, South Dublin County Council, who says, “South Dublin County Sports Partnership are delighted to support this initiative. We are delighted to see how inclusive they are making the club for men to get involved in playing a sport again,” while Lee Moroney, Tallaght Person of the Year, adds; “DCT United is being talked about across the community in Tallaght, which is a testament to the positive impact the club is having. I hope it continues to grow and that the club will add more teams over the coming years.”

For the players of DCT United, the benefits go beyond just playing football. They are part of a community, one that is helping to promote positive mental and physical health, and creating a sense of belonging that many have been missing in recent times. As the team is currently in their third season, they are top of the league after finding great form in the opening games of the year. This year also saw the introduction of a B team due to the increased amount of players wanting to get involved. DCT United are always welcoming new players to join the team, so if you are interested, please get in touch at or send a message to DCT United 35s Facebook page!