As Built Model Verification

Our Geospatial department specialises in a variety of robust geospatial services. Enabling us to provide critical data analysis and assistance to our high-tech clients in order to meet their projects’ and clients’ requirements.

Get it right the first time.

Verification during construction is not new. The positions of building components have always been checked by traditional surveying methods, whether that is using a total station or a tape measure. Today we see an  increasing frequency for as-built point cloud scans as part of the delivery of a project is a sign that clients are no longer willing to rely on design models unchecked and issued as record information.

he core of the verification process involves comparing the registered laser scans against a model; the result provides visual and statistical feedback on the comparison. There are currently two types of verification process. These can be characterized as geometry-only or contextual verification. Verification should not wait until the end of a project, the reason for this is to ensure the site install matches the model otherwise teams are coordinating in a space that may not match the site install for whatever reason and this would clearly have a knock on effect to the rest of the coordination zones in a model. We use a number of softwares inclduing:

  • Cyclone Register 360
  • Recap Pro
  • Clearedge Verity
  • Cyclone Core
  • Leica Jet Stream