Laser Scanning 

Geomatics is one of the fastest-growing global markets to date, and our Geospatial department positions DCT as market leader in this field due to its extensive experience, knowledge, and well-designed workflows.

Capturing quick and accurate data for any project.

Good data means better decisions

For as-built documentation, existing condition drawings or reality capture, 3D laser scanning is the fastest, most accurate and efficient option. 3D laser scanning for project analysis and project risk management delivers tens of thousands worth of savings if only a single issue is detected. 3D scanning is quick and accurate, providing project insight and risk management that helps ensure projects are completed on-budget and on-time.

The smart way to map and understand spaces

Whether it’s new construction, renovation or retrofit projects, 3D scanning provides architects, engineers, BIM managers, general contractors, and construction managers with the information and insight to fix issues and make critical decisions before they cost time or money.

’We use the very latest laser scanners available in the market, capable of capturing two million points per second with a high resolution camera to take panoramic images to deliver coloured point cloud data’’

Louis Slabbert, Geospatial Lead