Digital construction management

Document Creation

A vast amount of information is created, managed and used throughout the asset lifecycle. Information management improves the quality, availability and timelines of this information. If facilitates more efficient and effective decisions and investments across the asset lifecycle, and is a key enabler of digital transformation.

Every £1 invested in information management could generate labour time savings of £5.10-6 over time and a total cost saving of £6.90-7.*


These productivity benefits come from increased efficiency, reduced risk, improved compliance, enhanced resilience, increased asset utilisation, innovation in new products and services, improved workforce health and safety, culture, and reputation.

Increase predictability

Documents created according to the ISO 19650 series of international standards can enable you to define a common unified framework for effective collaborative production and management of information across the full lifecycle of a built asset using BIM. Some of the documents that minimise wasteful activities and increase predictability around cost and time are listed below: