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BIM Certification

Without technology, including BIM, the building industry will struggle to meet demand—all the more so given its lagging productivity and growing labor shortage.

ISO 19650 Certification

ISO 19650 is an international standard for managing information throughout the life of a built asset through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). It is compliant with all the Level 2 principles and high-level requirements and is closely aligned with the current UK 1192 standards. The ISO 19650 BIM certification scheme for businesses determines if your organisation is capable of delivering projects in accordance with ISO 19650. This entails evaluating processes, procedures, people, and projects.

Demonstrate your BIM capabilities 

The certification enables you to demonstrate your BIM capabilities to clients and competitors worldwide. When certification is granted, you will be listed on the website and will be able to promote your certification using the global certification mark.

As a result, it’s unsurprising that the UK government requires ISO 19650 certification for all centrally procured public projects, including all digital documentation and asset information. According to the NBS National BIM Report 2017, 62% of the construction industry is already leveraging BIM workflows, but a sizable portion has yet to adopt or is unsure how.

Why choose ISO 19650 Certification?


Not Just Verification

The scheme not only assesses ISO 19650 Certification capability against PAS 1192:2-2013 it also seeks evidence of correct application at project level.

Become an Expert

Deep knowledge of BIM obtained through participation in the preparation of the government’s ISO 19650 Certification documentation.

Assessed by the Best

All assessors have a wealth of experience in their respective industries.

Simplified Processes

It is a simple process with full feedback through all the different stages.

What are the benefits? 

We provide training and support in reviewing or drafting contracts with BIM requirements.

The journey comprises three major stages

Stage 1: Preparation, Investigation, Rectification
Discovery Session

We shall commence a discovery session between our Consulting team and the nominated representatives of your own company, ranging from BIM-focused roles to project owners, architects, designers, engineers and other users. In discussing the processes and procedures across the whole business, it’s important that all departments within the business are included.

Gap Analysis

We then undertake a detailed analysis of the business process and procedures – this is where the in-depth analysis occurs. Following this, a report is produced to outline the areas of improvement wherever they may be required to achieve Certification. The deliverables from this stage include a comprehensive report of all findings within each assessment area.

BIM Consulting Services to Bridge Gaps

In the event that a number of items are highlighted, DCT can provide additional support to bridge the gap and ensure your company are prepared to attain certification if required.

Stage 2: Gaining Certification
Full Assessment

A full assessment completed by your certification body of choice.

Stage 3: Ongoing Validation/Annual Surveillance
Annual Audit

Once you have gained certification you will be subject to an annual audit; assuring your clients that your approach to and respect for the practices according to ISO standard you have attained certification.

Our team of experts are here to support you

Joseph Mady – National Standards Authority of Ireland BIM National Technical Committee

Joseph is a member of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) 4.0 Committee (BIM), a member of the NSAI Technical Committee on Building Information Modelling and a member of the team who created the Irish National Annex to I.S. EN ISO 19650 -2:2018, Organisation and digitisation of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling (BIM) – Information management using building information modelling – Part 2: Delivery phase of assets. Joseph has been involved in attaining PAS 1192 & ISO 19650-2 certification for a number of companies throughout Ireland.

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