Master System Integrators

Work cohesively.

We been working closely with a number of our clients to design all building systems to enable an infrastructure that provides an open architecture, open data accessibility, and functional interoperability with all other systems within the building without the installation of any proprietary hardware and in compliance with the Smart Buildings Specification that takes the role of Master System Integrators (MSI).

Due to the networked nature of building controls, DCT have an advanced understanding of IT networks, systems and protocols. While the MSI’s primary focus is on the operational technology side of the building – all those controls and devices that run the systems – the IP-connected nature of these devices do require at least one outgoing connection via the IT network. This understandably makes IT teams nervous. DCT as MSIs can relate to these concerns. They know enough about the IT network to demonstrate to those teams that they’re not compromising security by opening a port for the operational technology network.

DCT work closely with our clients to create the design specifications to enable the creation of a Smart Buildings Brief document which defines a smart building as a building that: