Client Representative

Every £1 invested in information management could generate labour time savings of £5.10-6 over time and a total cost saving of £6.90-7.*

Increase your operational  efficiency.

When we are appointed in the early stages of a project we can support our clients assess their long-term business objectives and define how their digital deliveries and how they should occur on their project. DCT guide our clients to make the most innovative use of BIM during the lifecycle of a built asset in order to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and improve business outcomes. Creating a 3D model can help achieve these business objectives, but it is not an objective in its own right.

Advice is particularly important in the early stages of a project when the employer defines the Exchange Information Requirements (EIR). The EIR sets out the information the employer will need in order to make key decisions at different stages in the development of the project. EIR is typically based on a series of questions known as plain language questions (PLQ) that the employer will need to answer to assess whether the project is developing as required and whether it should proceed to the next stage. Advisers can help formulate these plain language questions and develop the EIR.

To provide the greatest value to our trusted clients, particularly in the early stages of a project, DCT support our clients with the following areas: