Digital construction management

Digital Collaboration Areas

Our award-winning collaboration spaces are delivered through technological solutions. We promote efficiency, productivity, and a new era of teamwork.

Immersive, effortless, approachable hardware for every space.

Increased productivity

With our digital collaboration areas and solutions, we make meetings more productive. Our touchscreen solutions, provide a giant interactive touch screen that enables you and your team to easily share information, files, and connect in a collaborative way like never before.

Enabling your team

Digital collaboration areas are an outstanding tool to significantly improve your meeting productivity. Your content is displayed at interactive scales, enabling teams to work on it collectively, agree on the next steps and define real action plans.

Stay connected

As our collaboration areas are truly connected, there is no longer a need for paperwork or physical files. Notes, documents and images can all be sent straight from the screen or wall to each stakeholder’s personal computer, phone or tablet through the cloud.


New Culture

Implementing a collaboration area means embracing the culture that is required for a successful digital transformation. The knock-on effect of this is a truly transparent and lean communication program that
ensures team members can fully understand a project's mission, values and goals.

Agile Tools

Selecting the right tools to fully adopt a digital transformation is highly important as it changes the way your company works and performs. We believe digital collaboration areas strengthen relationships. The tools we bring to your organisation allow for relationship-building activities and improved communication.

Better Meetings

As your team moves from email to a more sophisticated tool for communicating and collaborating, we will help you develop the right cultural context. Building workspaces, and providing training and support, ensures the environment is set up to enable a successful digital transformation.

Award winning collaboration

Digital Construction Awards 2022 Winners for our Digital Cube

Collaborative & functional

The cube integrates hardware, software, and processes to enable the collaborative space to be embedded on site, allowing the amalgamation of the power of BIM project delivery with solutions-focused strategic planning. The Digital Cube has allowed Collen to bring collaborative planning, digital coordination and real-time information to the fingertips of project delivery teams in the field.

Hear from our partners

“Working with DCT to develop this Digital Cube has both improved workflow and project delivery time, along with reducing costs, all within a collaborative and functional space. We are delighted with the development and will be rolling this out across multiple projects over the coming months.”

Tommy Drumm, Managing Director, Collen Construction