Data Analytics

Understand your team’s performance¬†

We work in partnership with our clients to access the proprietary data in Architecture, Engineering and Construction Applications. This empowers our clients with real-time data pipelines from a range of sources allowing organizations real-time insight & analytics to better understand their project team performance, IT utilisation, Training needs, Project software usage and requirements.

Gather critical insights

Data analysis is emerging as a vital tool for improving capital project outcomes and reducing risk. By enabling our clients to leverage the vast amounts of data they already collect, analytics can uncover critical insights that both speed up and improve the quality of management decisions. In particular, it can enable project teams to assess market conditions, portfolio composition, and individual project performance.

Senior Management Teams

Can investigate their organisation's total digital footprint, software usage, total hours spent on software, and which IT investments are being used the most by staff.

VDC/BIM Managers

Can critically analyse training adoption, software efficiency, 3rd party software usage and what tools are utilised on specific projects. Be alerted to digital project health across all CAD/BIM tools and demonstrate the efficiency and best practice gains.

Project Managers

Through powerful Dashboards review work completed on projects in real-time, measure progress, enabling greater control and tracking efficiency improvements with investment.