DCT United Season Update!⚽

As the season for both DCT United teams recently came to a close, we’re delighted to announce that our A team finished in third place again after finishing third last year! Another brilliant year for the team! The A team is also looking for a new manager for next season, so please show your interest by emailing dctunited@gmail.com!📧

The B Team also had a solid first year and finished sixth in the table! The B Team is looking for a keeper for the new season, so if you know anybody over 35 who would be interested, please get in touch at dctunited@gmail.com!📥

Both teams are always looking for new players to come down, so don’t be afraid to get involved and kick off the new year with a new challenge! We’d like to wish both teams the best of luck for next year!🎉

Check out some of the team’s highlights below!📹

Joseph Mady Shane Blaney Joe Lumumba Keith Egan Gerard Nowlan Codie Preston

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