DCT Group Partners with RDT Care

To ensure the highest level of safety for our employees, DCT Group has partnered with RDT Care to meet all of our Covid-19 testing needs as we return to the office and project travel resumes. This has been accomplished through the use of a secure digital smart application.

RDT Care is a nurse-led team that performs EU-approved rapid Antigen and rapid PCR tests on-site, with results available in 30 minutes.

RDT Care can provide construction sites with everything they need to ensure they can run their operation safely and successfully. Their unique workflow design will maximise the flow within your organisation and protect your employees.The service provided by RDT Care provides assurance and peace of mind in the workplace, as well as monitoring and compliance to prevent the spread of Covid-19. With RDT Care, results are issued using the secure digital V-Health passport app- https://v-healthpassport.co.uk/. The app automatically generates a personalised secure VCode, which is fully accessible on all electronic devices including phone and laptops. 

This VCode can be scanned at any entrance to securely display whether a person has received a Covid-19 test before entering the construction site, ensuring that only people with negative test results are allowed in. RDT Care’s service has been used successfully on large sites in the United Kingdom using “Scan and Enter” and has proved highly successful. 

For further information: Contact testing@rdtcare.com or visit our website at www.rdtcare.com.