DCT Group d.o.o Join BIM Hrvastska (Croatia)

DCT Group d.o.o join BIM Hrvastska (Croatia).

DCT Group d.o.o. a global virtual design and construction consulting firm, today announced their membership of BIM Hrvastska (Croatia).

With strategic locations in Ireland, Croatia, and Argentina, DCT Group’s digital technology solutions improve design, collaboration, and communication across a project’s full lifecycle, while also facilitating strategic decision-making and maximizing their clients’ digital capabilities.

DCT Group d.o.o was founded in 2020 by native Marko Gasic, and the company has grown steadily since then. Marko Gasic, who is responsible for the leadership and management of DCT Group d.o.o, is passionate about promoting and leading the Croatian construction industry’s digital transformation.

DCT Group d.o.o have partnered with BIM Hrvastska (Croatia) as they aim to change the way buildings are planned and constructed, as well as how they are used and managed using the BIM approach. BIM Croatia provide information about the construction industry, particularly in the area of BIM access; they promote and accelerate the implementation of BIM in construction; increase the competitiveness of construction industry companies in domestic and international markets; connect professional individuals and legal entities with domestic and international organizations, investors, and companies; standardize the application of BIM.

DCTs Managing Director, Marko Gasic comments on the new membership. “DCT Group is proud to be an official member of BIM Hrvastska (Croatia); as a group, we will work to promote the use of BIM in the Croatian construction industry, leveraging and sharing our existing BIM knowledge from Ireland and Argentina to raise awareness and promote the benefits of BIM in the Croatian construction sector. We look forward to collaborating with BIM Hrvastska (Croatia) in the coming months and years, as well as meeting other like-minded organizations that are also members.”