DCT Employee Spotlight: Meet Veronika Tusek!

Please give a brief overview of your role at DCT.

“In my role as an employee at DCT, I undertake various responsibilities. Firstly, as a Digital Construction Management Technician, I oversee the BIM coordination process for projects. This involves conducting weekly meetings with subcontractors and clients. I am entrusted with managing the federated model and addressing issues through viewpoints. Additionally, I handle 4D BIM reports, 4D models, and videos based on client needs. I’m also accountable for modelling and updating builder’s works in projects, as well as issuing BWOs drawings. Lastly, I am responsible for overseeing the weekly staff training processes for the Croatia office.”

When did you join DCT and what led you to this role?

“I joined DCT in May 2022. During my master’s studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in the University of Zagreb, I developed a foundational understanding of BIM, sparking my interest in its potential in the construction industry. Unfortunately, the utilisation of BIM in Croatia is still not fully developed and in its infancy for engineers in Croatia. However, digitalisation is inevitable and the support of the Centre for Digital Built Croatia has enabled the industry as a whole to mature. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I have gained at DCT will be highly valued and sought in the future.”

What excites you the most about working in the BIM/Digital Construction sector?

“DCT has provided me with the opportunity to work on large international projects, exposing me to the best practices in digital construction, with exposure to both the design and construction phases. The diversity of projects, including residential, commercial buildings, data centres, and hospitals, provides me with a broad scope of knowledge in different sectors. Each day, I encounter new learning opportunities, contributing to my continuous growth.”

What’s your favourite thing about working with DCT?

“My favourite thing about working at DCT is that the company actively promotes the continuous progress and development of each employee. I’ve had the opportunity to carry out challenging training courses and diverse projects, enhancing my skills and contributing to my professional growth.!”