DCT Employee Spotlight: Meet Divya Chhadwa!

Please give a brief overview of your role at DCT.

“I’ve been the Operations Manager at DCT since January 2023. In this role, I have a dual focus. Firstly, I lead the development and implementation of a resource and time tracking system for our Dublin Office. This system is designed to evaluate the growth and progress of the office. I’m also responsible for establishing and maintaining rigorous quality assurance protocols, which involve thorough assessments of project models and processes. Additionally, I’m actively involved in creating an internal training website to enhance our company’s workforce development.

At the same time, I’m also serving as a Digital Construction Manager, overseeing a data centre project in Kildare. My role involves implementing advanced digital construction practices to optimise project performance.”

When did you join DCT and what led you to this role?

“In 2018, I moved from India to Ireland and joined DCT, marking the beginning of a new chapter in my professional and personal journey. Before my move to Ireland, I spent a fulfilling seven years as a Senior Architect in Mumbai, India. During this time, I acquired a wealth of experience and expertise within the architectural sector.

With a background in architecture, I decided to move into a more BIM-focused role. Coordination has always been a fundamental skill of mine, so, my role at DCT aligns perfectly with this skill, allowing me to contribute my coordination skills to our team and the projects we undertake.”

What excites you the most about working in the BIM/Digital Construction sector?

“BIM promotes collaboration and integration among different people involved in construction projects, such as architects, engineers, and contractors. I really enjoy working closely with a diverse group of professionals like this. It’s great to see how their different skills come together to make a project successful.

Additionally, construction projects often bring up complex challenges that need creative problem-solving. I enjoy tackling these unique challenges and coming up with innovative solutions alongside my team.”

What’s your favourite thing about working with DCT?

“DCT has an exceptional workplace culture that truly stands out. Supportive team leads are key to creating a collaborative atmosphere where teamwork and mutual assistance are encouraged. DCT also prioritises continuous learning, offering weekly training sessions to enhance knowledge.”