DCT Employee Spotlight: Meet Camila Rodriguez!

Please give a brief overview of your role at DCT.

I work as a BIM Technician in DCT’s Argentina office. My role primarily involves providing support to the coordination team, where I utilise my background as an industrial designer to offer a unique perspective for creative problem-solving.

When did you join DCT and what led you to this role?

I joined DCT in April 2023. I was in search of a job that would be challenging and help me grow and progress every day, while also constantly exploring new and innovative technologies.

What excites you the most about working in the BIM/Digital Construction sector?

One of the most exciting aspects of the digital construction sector is the continuous evolution of technology, enabling us to learn from our experiences. Both software and hardware are in a state of constant development, helping us to identify problems as early as possible. This can be achieved through automated rule checking or by using more accessible software for visual inspections. Once we’ve learned from a past experience, we can leverage these technologies to detect potential issues much earlier using the latest advancements in technology.

What’s your favourite thing about working with DCT?

The atmosphere of helping one another. Everyone in the company wants to help one another to push on and do our best. It’s the same when we work on a project, although something might not be in our scope, we are happy to try and help where possible. Just because we are responsible for one part of the project, doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to other problems we can help solve.