DCT Employee Spotlight: Meet Alan Kauzlaric!

Could you provide a brief overview of your role at DCT and share when you began your journey with the company?

“My current role at DCT is BIM Coordinator, and I started my journey with the company as a BIM Technician in May 2021. It’s hard to pinpoint everything a BIM Coordinator does, each project is different and requires a different approach.

The short answer could be that a BIM Coordinator plays a pivotal role by highlighting project gaps to all involved parties and facilitating communication. Ultimately aiming to establish clear construction requirements within a defined scope of work.”

Could you please share some key milestones in your journey that have contributed to your progression from BIM Technician to BIM Coordinator?

“With a background as a safety and security system designer (and integration technician before that), I understood the importance of coordination, the problems that arise on-site, and how many issues unclear drawings can cause. My milestones would then be learning new tools like Revit, Navisworks, Plant 3D, etc., and applying them to the process. In this area, I benefited greatly from DCT’s internal training, available resources, and the knowledge of my colleagues.”

What excites you the most about working in the BIM/Digital Construction sector?

“I really like working on large and complex projects, especially in the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors. There are always specific construction and coordination requirements, producing high detail and quality sheets for construction or prefabrication. There is always much to learn on these projects, problems that are unique and require consideration of the entire construction process. Figuring out the right approach and resolving those issues is the most exciting part of working in this sector.”

What’s your favourite thing about working with DCT?

“The collaborative approach that DCT brings to projects. No one person can know every add-on, workflow, script, tool, etc. Whenever an issue is encountered, I always have someone to ask for advice, bounce ideas, test out a new tool, and figure out a new approach. When someone resolves an issue, everyone can benefit from their experience. This approach really makes us a team even when we are not all working on the same project.”