Planning Control Management

Planning control management includes a set of activities developed in the project to maintain it within the baseline.

Enabling project efficiency.

Some main advantages of a proper planning programme are: full knowledge of the project, easy detection of unfavourable situations, agile decision, budget relation, resource allocation optimisation, goal driven, and professionalism.

Lean Planning Sessions

Our Lean Planning Sessions create streamlined, adaptable, and value-driven plans. We emphasise simplicity, flexibility, and continuous improvement to enhance your planning processes. Key features include focusing on value, minimal documentation, and visual communication. This approach optimises efficiency and decision-making for effective outcomes.

Strategic Phasing Plan

Your strategic guide for efficient, coordinated, and safe construction progress, with a strong focus on milestones, essential for successful project execution. Clear communication and effective resource allocation further drive project efficiency and success.

Week Lookahead

The week lookahead process ensures efficient weekly planning and communication. It includes reviewing the project schedule, identifying specific tasks, assessing dependencies, allocating resources, sequencing work, and effective communication. This structured approach enables construction teams to maintain project progress, align with milestones, and stay adaptable.

Weekly and Monthly Report

Planning weekly and monthly reports involves systematically communicating project or business updates. This includes defining objectives, selecting key metrics and KPIs, and distributing reports through appropriate channels for stakeholder clarity and insights.