Schedule Development

Schedule development for planning is about soliciting and
evaluating bids from contractors or service providers to select a
planning consultant or firm for creating project plans and schedules.

How we work.

Our Schedule Development process begins with an initial client meeting, where we understand your project’s tendering needs. Our team then analyses project drawings and information to create a comprehensive tendering program. Following this, we provide a baseline program and phasing plan aligned with your requirements. We conclude by delivering the final program and phasing plan, ensuring they meet your expectations. Our process is designed for efficiency, taking your project from concept to a well-defined plan.

Our process.

Our team’s schedule development process serves as your roadmap to project success. It all begins with project planning and scope definition, where we work closely with you to define the scope of work and specific planning requirements. Next, our team ensures the details are right during the tender documentation review phase. We then move into advertisement and prequalification to attract the best-suited planning consultants or firms through a thorough evaluation process. Upon proposal submission and evaluation, we make confident choices. Contract negotiation and award set the stage for action, aligning both parties. Finally, project kick-off brings your vision to life, ensuring a seamless progression from concept to reality. 

A deeper dive into our process.

Project planning and scope 

We work closely with project owners or clients to define the scope of work for the planning phase. This collaborative process includes setting clear objectives, specifying deliverables, and establishing desired outcomes. 

Tender documentation

We consult with the project owners and clients to define the scope of work, identifying objectives, deliverables, and necessary planning elements. We then meticulously prepare tender documents, including the Request for Proposal (RFP), Instructions to Bidders, Scope of Work, and Evaluation Criteria. 

Advertisement & prequalification

When it comes to proposal submission and evaluation, our process ensures that interested bidders submit their proposals in alignment with the tender document requirements. Our team conducts a rigorous evaluation, considering the specified criteria, to choose the most qualified planning consultant or firm. Your project deserves expertise, and our process guarantees it.

Proposal submission & evaluation

At the proposal submission and evaluation stage, our team oversees the submission of proposals by interested bidders, aligning them with the requirements specified in the tender documents. We then meticulously evaluate these proposals, adhering to the specified criteria, to handpick the most qualified planning consultant or firm for your project. Your vision deserves nothing less.