BIM Modelling Production

design stage

Transforming the future of construction

BIM has been the talk of the town in the AEC industry for several years. Yet, for all the talk, there is a lot of confusion about BIM in construction and how it can help contractors. One common misconception is that BIM is merely a technology, or that it only refers to 3D design (though 3D models are indeed at the core of BIM) is set up and run.

BIM is actually a process for creating and managing all of the information about a project, leading to an output known as a Building Information Model, which contains digital descriptions for every aspect of the physical project.

BIM for all project stages

While BIM is mostly associated with design and preconstruction, it absolutely benefits every phase of the project life-cycle, even well after building is complete. Building Information Modeling allows projects to be built virtually before they are constructed physically, eliminating many of the inefficiencies and problems that arise during the construction process.