ARAUCO FAPLAC Stage 2 – Project Update!

We are currently working in collaboration with BRAF at the ARAUCO FAPLAC factory in Zarate City, Argentina. The factory required the replacement of large essential production systems in just two days, so planning crane movements and assembly sequences was crucial.

To achieve this, we divided the project into two stages. In Stage 1, we carried out a laser scan, providing BRAF with accurate information of the as-built facilities. Then, in Stage 2, we utilised this data to perform a detailed BIM model of the existing facilities, auxiliary elements, and safety elements, to verify the feasibility of the manoeuvres and the existing space. This resulted in a 4D simulation that BRAF used to validate the planning for the technical personnel involved prior to completing the work.

Through our support for BRAF, the work on-site was completed ahead of expected delivery time!

See the project here.