About DCT Ireland

DCT’s Headquarters, based strategically in the heart of Dublin, is a modern, open planned office space specifically designed for collaboration. Using the most up to date technology and tools, collaboration between our teams based in Croatia and Argentina allows for a seamless project workflow.

The modern office boasts a whole range of amenities for staff including onsite parking, meeting rooms, a kitchen and canteen space, a break area with pool table and TV, and many nearby shops and restaurants.

After moving location in 2020, the Ireland team have benefitted from the new office as it provides plenty of space for a rapidly growing team in an easily accessible part of the city.




Moved into current office

122 Years

Total Construction Sector Experience

71 Years

Total Years Gaining Qualifications



Joseph Mady | DCT CEO

Joseph is the Chief Executive Officer of DCT.

Joseph earned a BEng Tech and a BSc in Electrical Engineering Services Design, as well as an MSc in Applied Building Information Modeling and Management from Technological University Dublin, Ireland and MSc in Leadership and Management in UCD Dublin.

Joseph serves on the Construction Industry Federation’s 4.0 Committee (BIM), the NSAI Technical Committee on Building Information Modelling, and the CitA Eastern Region Steering Committee for BIM.

Joseph is accountable for the business’s strategic direction in Ireland, South America, and Europe. Along with his industry involvement, Joseph is a part-time lecturer at Technological University Dublin (TUD), where he teaches courses on continuous professional development on Digital delivery for site teams and construction site management course.

Keith Walsh | BIM Lead

Keith is BIM Lead at DCT Ireland.

Keith is accountable for the management of all the BIM modelling production and overall management of BIM resourcing across the group.

Keith brings a wealth of industry experience being a plumber by trade. With nearly 20 years experience in the construction industry, Keith has an abundance of knowledge and insight from his work in the residential, commercial, pharmaceutical, and data center industries.

Keith now has nearly a decade of experience working on BIM projects, these projects include Intel, Covanta/Poolbeg Incinerator, Shire Pharmaceutical Plant, St. Ita’s Forensics and Mental Health Hospital, Cherrywood Town Centre but to name a few. Keith also has experience in his previous roles being a BIM project lead and a BIM manager.

Louis Slabbert | Geospatial Management Lead

Louis is Geospatial Management Lead at DCT Ireland.

Louis is a qualified draughtsman and Revit specialist with extensive years of working knowledge in the field. He is currently attending Fitzwilliam Institute attending the Construction Project Management Course.

Louis has good working knowledge of Revit MEP and understanding of all BIM software’s. Louis’s work experience in the industry includes CAD Technician and Assistant Surveyor/3D Laser Scanner. Louis has a wealth of in-field experience which he brings to his role at DCT Group.

Ana Tiric | Digital Information Management Lead

Ana is Digital Management Lead at DCT Ireland.

Ana is a fully qualified structural engineer with extensive industry experience. She has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Structural Engineering, as well as extensive experience with the engineering design process.

Ana possesses a variety of strengths, including the ability to create highly detailed drawings, cost estimation, construction site supervision, and project management. Ana has managed a variety of large BIM projects that necessitate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a variety of BIM software applications.

Ana is responsible for BIM coordination, clash management, detailing sheet production, and problem solving. Ana collaborates closely with clients, subcontractors, contractors, and consultants on-site to ensure a seamless project delivery.

Divya Chhadwa | BIM Coordinator

Divya is a BIM Coordinator at DCT Ireland.

Due to her proactive approach and strong team spirit, Divya is one of the most sought-after BIM managers in the DCT Group. Divya has worked in the architectural and construction industries for ten years, in both Ireland and India.

As a registered architect with the Indian Council of Architecture C.O.A. and a combination of on-site and hands-on architecture work, she possesses a wealth of knowledge in the delivery of BIM projects.

Divya is knowledgeable about all facets of BIM software, and her strong organizational abilities and attention to detail are evident in her work. Divya’s strong communication skills enable teams to collaborate effectively across multiple disciplines to achieve optimal BIM performance.

Owen McSweeney | BIM Coordinator

Owen is a BIM Coordinator at DCT Ireland.

Owen holds a MSc in Applied Building Information Modelling and Management from Dublin Institute of Technology, BSc Electrical Services Design and Energy Management from Dublin Institute of Technology and a B.Eng Energy and Environmental Engineering from Institute of Technology Tallaght.

Owen has extensive BIM experience working as a BIM Manager and Design Engineer on projects in the data centre, educational, industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Owen will collaborate closely with the DCT Group’s design team to ensure that projects are managed effectively from start to finish, bringing their designs to life through the use of BIM.

Graham Sheppard | BIM Coordinator

Graham is a BIM Coordinator at DCT Ireland.

Graham, an Electrician by trade graduated from Technological University Dublin with a BEng in Electrical Services Engineering and also holds a PgCert BIM Technologies from Technological University Dublin and a Certificate in Computer-Aided Design.

Graham has over 15 years of experience working on a variety of BIM projects in a variety of sectors, including data centers, educational facilities, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and residential projects.

Graham collaborates closely with the DCT Group’s design team and collaborates with construction teams and clients to ensure that their projects are managed effectively from start to finish, bringing their designs to life through the use of BIM.

Alessandro Burlamaqui | BIM Technician

Alessandro is a BIM Technician at DCT Ireland.

Alessandro is a qualified Civil Engineer and also holds a higher certificate as a Civil Building Technician.  Alessandro is a member of the Institute of the Engineers of Ireland MIEI, as well as a member of Brazilian Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of Bahia – CREA-BA.

Alessandro’s work experience as a civil engineer includes industrial, commercial and residential developments, renovation, planning and project management projects. In addition to improving operational performance, Alessandro focuses on delivering quality results for customers to create profitability and ensuring that all customers are served with excellent customer service.

Over the past two and half years Alessandro has been working as a BIM Technician alongside a multidisciplinary team throughout Stages 2, 3 and 4, producing 3D models, 2D design plans and contributing to the delivery of BIM Level 2 projects.

Fernando Castellon | BIM Technician

Fernando is a BIM Technician in Digital Construction Technologies Group.

He is a qualified electrical engineer and Revit specialist, attaining BSc degrees in Electrical Engineering and DipHEc in Science in Computing. Fernando has good working knowledge of Revit MEP awarded an Autodesk Revit MEP 2015 certification. 

Fernando’s work experience as an electrician include industrial and commercial projects, working four years with BIM on large projects, as sports arenas (World Cup and Olympic), Subway Stations (Line 6 of São Paulo), industrial plants (John Deere, Unilever, Polenghi), and office building. Fernando have been part of the BIM implementation teams in the previous two companies that he worked, being responsible for developing models, families, procedures and standards, along with BEP.

Roqaya Abou Klaib | BIM Technician

Roqaya  is a BIM Technician at DCT Ireland.

Roqaya is a fully qualified Architect and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture Engineering, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied BIM Technologies. Currently Roqaya is currently in the final stages of being awarded MSc in Applied Building Information Modelling and Management. Roqaya has a wealth of experience across the construction industry and has worked on a number of different projects including residential and commercial buildings.

Roqaya has liaised with project managers, main contractors, and materials suppliers as part of her previous roles. She has experience in creating detailed drawings, estimating cost, analysing projects specifications and on site supervision. She has good working knowledge of Revit Architecture and understanding of all BIM software.

Dayse Franco | BIM Technician

Dayse is a BIM Technician at DCT Ireland.

Dayse is a qualified draughtsman, completed three years of Architecture, attaining a Revit course & Level 2 Building Information Modelling and holds an Internal Auditor Certificate in Integrated Management – IMS (ISO9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001).

Dayse began her career as a CAD Technician where she was responsible for the development of Architectural projects and creating and coordinating models. She has experience across multiple projects including industrial developments, educational developments and residential developments.

Fionnuala Kilcoyne | Office Manager

Fionuala is Office Manager at DCT Ireland.

Fionnuala earned a CIPD Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management from National College of Ireland and a CIPD Diploma in Industrial and Employment Relations from the same institution. She is also a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Associate Member and a member of the Association of Professional Administrators in Ireland (APAI) (APAI).

Fionnuala began her career in administration, primarily in the financial industry in Dublin. She has extensive experience in human resources, including administrative, organizational, and analytical aspects of human resources.

Fionnuala brings a wealth of communication and management skills to her new role, which will see her oversee the DCT Group’s office, human resources, and day-to-day operations. Fionnuala collaborates closely with Group CEO, Joseph Mady, and the Managing Directors of the DCT Group’s Croatian and Argentinean offices.

Dan Cullinan | Marketing Executive

Dan Cullinan is Marketing Executive at DCT Ireland.

Dan oversees all marketing and digital marketing carried out by DCT including social media content, website design, SEO, and email marketing. He collaborates closely with all three DCT offices to ensure DCT is appropriately carrying out marketing procedures.

Dan graduated from Technological University Dublin (TUD) with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing. He has completed a number of internships and work experiences in a range of areas and industries while completing his degree.

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