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The DCT Argentina office is located in the city of Oberá, Argentina. DCT Argentina is conveniently located in the city center, directly across from the historic San Martin square. It is also close to restaurants, markets, banks, post offices, and government headquarters.

DCT Argentina is a rapidly growing office with excellent employee amenities such as ergonomic workstations, bathrooms, and a large canteen and recreational area. The office is a large and bright space that promotes effective communication, integration, and teamwork!




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Gerardo Olsson | Operations Director

Gerardo is Operations Manager at DCT Argentina. His principal role is managing the operational effectiveness of the organisation, ensuring the appropriate resources and capabilities are in place to deliver projects and supporting the strategic growth path of the organisation.

He has studied Industrial Engineering and he has a MSc in BIM Management. He is also a Certificate Consultant in BIM for Facility Management and has several courses in Business Leadership and management. Gerardo has good working knowledge of Revit, Navisworks, Autocad, and a good understanding of all the building information modelling (BIM) software and collaboration software as BlueBeam and Revizto.

He has been working in BIM since 2011, with focus in MEP coordination, in several high end projects, including High-voltage Power Stations, Hydropower Centrals, Electrical Grids, and top level Business Centers, managing large BIM teams. His previous on-site work experience as a draughtsman and designer in Hydro power plants, has been very useful for his virtual construction career giving him a good understanding about complex MEP installations.

Gerardo is well-versed in all aspects of the BIM methodology and he has strong organizational skills with a high level of communication skills applied to manage teams, which lead to an optimum BIM performance.

Fernando Perrone | Managing Director

Fernando is Managing Director at DCT Group SRL Argentina. He oversees the management of the company’s day to day activities.

Fernando ensures the company is implementing the DCT strategy and objectives in Argentina. Fernando has a vast experience in the construction sector, with more than 5 years in the industry. He is  originally from Misiones Argentina, where he studied electro-mechanical engineering and several courses on CAD/BIM.

Fernando is a certified BIM modeler and has completed several large-scale projects such as surveying civil and electro-mechanical works in order to later digitize, Yacyretá Dam and Salto Grande Dam, as well as several MEP projects.

Rodrigo Obregón | BIM Manager

Rodrigo is a BIM Manager at DCT Argentina.

Rodrigo has 10 years of experience working in the construction industry, from Misiones Argentina. Rodrigo has been awarded a master of works as a technician in cooperative & mutual administration. He has held the position of director of works for both cooperative and state entities. Rodrigo has completed leading CAD projects for architects and consulting firms globally. He became a BIM coordinator after working on a number of high end projects including Yacyretá Binational Dam (Civil Works, 4D), Salto Grande Binational Dam (Civil Works, point cloud processing) and WeWork (MEP Coordination in various projects).

Since joining DCT Group, he has expanded his construction knowledge with ongoing weekly training sessions and Rodrigo’s skill set in Revit, Navisworks, Revizto, 2D & 3D CAD and Civil 3D software has broadened his approach to innovative work ideologies. Rodrigo has been a part of multiple teams working on projects including data centres, multipurpose housing/amenity developments, commercial campuses, etc.

Joaquin Cañete | BIM Coordinator

Joaquin is a BIM Coordinator at DCT Argentina.

He is a Technician in Construction and has completed 5 years of Civil Engineering studies. Currently, he has more than 10 years of experience in projects in the construction industry and more than 6 years of working with BIM methodology.

He has experience in various types of projects, from homes and residential buildings to large office centers to large-scale infrastructure works.

Over the years he has been worked in many different roles and has been trained in BIM methodology for Architecture, MEP, Structure, Visual Programming with Dynamo, Python with the Revit API, Java, .net, web development, database, and Data Analytics.

Maria Surin | BIM Information Manager

Maria is BIM Information Manager at DCT Argentina.

She is a qualified architect and has been involved in several projects in Argentina and many another countries.

Her task is mainly to coordinate the exchange of data and information in the different project stages and supervise the implementation and management of BIM during the different phases of the project. Maria also supervises the procedures to ensure that the correct data is delivered in the right format, ensuring the quality of the project in terms of graphics, documentation and data content of the project.

Maria’s background in the construction sector, performing tasks of planning, management and project execution control, as well as extensive experience in the development of graphic documentation, makes her highly capable to perform this role efficiently.

Pablo Aguirre | BIM Technician

Pablo is a BIM Technician at DCT Argentina, producing BIM content with a special focus on MEP modeling.

He has obtained the title of Construction Technician and has taken several certified courses in CAD and BIM methodology.

Pablo has been working as a BIM modeler for more than four years on different projects, from large office buildings, data centers, hydroelectric plants to large-scale infrastructure works.

He is very involved in each project in which he is assigned and always gives his best effort to reach the proposed goals!

Walter Farfán | BIM Technician

Walter is a BIM technician at DCT Argentina, producing BIM content and working in the pos-processing of images and videos.

He holds a degree in Industrial Design and his work experience includes the development, planning and management of industrial and commercial products in several projects, where he participated in generating 3D modelling, digital animation and photo editing.

Walter first worked as a junior modeler and now after more than three years of experience and with several courses made on CAD/BIM, he is an excellent BIM technician, delivering quality results in all projects he is involved in as a proactive member of a multidisciplinary team.

Diego Fraga Capli | BIM Technician

Diego is a BIM Technician at DCT Argentina. He is from the city of Iguazú, Argentina and has a Construction Technician degree and is currently undergoing a Civil Engineering degree.

He is an enthusiast of computational modeling and has good experience in the world of construction, previously working for the local government of the city as a draftsman in the design and model of infrastructure works and surveys.

Since he joined DCT Argentina as a BIM modeler, he has constantly trained and expanded his knowledge to improve his handling of various CAD and BIM software.

Jerónimo Alcain | BIM Technician

Jerónimo is a BIM Technician at DCT Argentina and is an advanced student of civil engineering. He has 10 years of experience working in the construction industry. His experience ranges from on-site work to site coordination and management. Previously, he has completed many 2D projects for architects and construction companies.

Jerónimo has also completed internships and other work experiences in a variety of areas and industries while studying to complete his degree, adding additional skills to his profile.

Since last year, Jerónimo has served as a BIM technician within the DCT Argentina team producing 3D models, 2D design plans and contributing to the delivery of BIM projects of different levels.

Agustin Ladine | BIM Technician

Agustin is a BIM Technician at DCT Argentina. He has a construction technician degree and is an advanced civil engineering student. He has 6 years of experience in architectural projects, from residential housing to planning of large urbanizations and more than 3 years working with the BIM methodology in the specialties of architecture and MEP.

Since 2021, Agustin has been part of the DCT Argentina team carrying out tasks such as generation of BIM MEP content, he has also been part of work teams in facilities in office buildings, HVAC facilities, families, and data center documentation. He is a proactive team member, passionate about BIM and always ready to take on new challenges.

Ademar Mattos | BIM Technician

Ademar is currently serving as a BIM Technician at DCT Argentina.

He is an experienced construction technician and has completed his studies as a civil engineer. Through additional training he obtained several certificates of courses carried out in the CAD and BIM methodology.

He has extensive experience of more than 10 years in the construction industry, having worked as a designer and draftsman in different engineering studios participating in projects such as schools, residential buildings, among others, as well as execution and supervision of works on the site.

Marcos Cardozo | BIM Technician

Marcos is a BIM Technician at DCT Argentina. Born in Oberá Misiones Argentina, he has been trained as a Construction Technician after highschool and he participated in various project developments for home works as a draftsman, with experience in the execution of works, surveys and new projects.

Marcos is currently undergoing training courses to improve his performance and actively contributes to the execution of his tasks as a BIM Technician within DCT Argentina.

Jonathan Quintana | BIM Technician

Jonathan is a BIM Technician at DTC Argentina. He is from the city of Oberá and has achieved the title of Construction Technician.

Jonathan is a specialized draftsman with extensive practical knowledge in CAD and BIM for construction projects, he also brings a large amount of knowledge and experience in the area of Occupational Health and Safety.

Jonathan brings his field experience to the DCT Argentina design team to ensure projects are developed efficiently to obtain the best results in each of DCTA’s BIM models.

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